14th Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition
14th Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition
23-25 August 2023 • Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibitor feedback

Exhibitor feedback(图1)

CP Food
CP Food won the "Excellent Food Supplier Award" at the 2020 Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition for its safe, high-quality, nutritious and delicious products and a good brand image. This is also the third consecutive time that CP Food has won the award since participating in 2018.
——By:Wechat Public Account of CP Food
 Exhibitor feedback(图2)
Huifa Food
The scale of the exhibition is grand, and the exhibits cover various fields of hot pot ingredients. It is a professional and efficient exchange and procurement platform.
——By:Wechat Public Account of Huifa Food
Exhibitor feedback(图3)
Haoyue Halal Meat
Haoyue, as the "first batch of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization" and a "member 
of the World Meat Organization", will make a stunning appearance with a full range of star products in this exhibition.
——By:Wechat Public Account of Haoyue Meat
Exhibitor feedback(图4) 
 Anjoy Food
At a glance, the booth of the tasting area is crowded with people, and the customers who consult and negotiate are endless, its popularity!  its traffic!  its heat!  Anjoy has been very popular!
——By:WeChat public account of Anjoy Food
 Exhibitor feedback(图5)
Sanquan  Food
Sanquan catering breakfast series products have been praised and appreciated by dealers and professional audiences, and many users have come here!
——By:Wechat Public Account of Sanquan  Food
 Exhibitor feedback(图6)
Huaying Food
A constant stream of customers have great interest in Huaying's high-quality products and show a high degree of enthusiasm.  The scene is very hot, and the orders are continuous.
——By:Wechat Public Account of Huaying Food
  Exhibitor feedback(图7)
Shenglong Food
The staff of Shenglong greet visitors from all directions with professional service, and explain our exhibits in detail to the visitors.  There was a surging crowd in the booth, and the popularity continued every day, and the customers who consulted and negotiated were overwhelmed.
——By:Wechat Public Account of Shenglong Food
Exhibitor feedback(图8) 
Qianwei Central Kitchen Food
The company shined at the exhibition with its scene experience and popular single products, and won the favor of many live audiences.  The rich products and enthusiastic service attract distributors and consumers from all over the country to stop and taste.
——By:Wechat Public Account of Qianwei Central Kitchen Food
Exhibitor feedback(图9)  
DongFeng Breeding
The company's traditional Beijing roast duck raw materials and Cantonese roast duck raw materials were also displayed, roasted, and tasted on site, attracting many food-loving audiences to taste.
——By:Wechat Public Account of DongFeng Breeding
 Exhibitor feedback(图10)
Kanglehui Food
During the exhibition, Kanglehui's booths were constantly exhibited by merchants and many inquirers.  Every day, as many as hundreds of merchants complete on-site signing, purchase products, and send them to all parts of the country.
——By:Wechat Public Account of Kanglehui Food