15th Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition
15th Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition
28-30 August 2024 • Shanghai New International Expo Center

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CFAPC Conduct Frozen Food Research in Qingdao


The professional committee in order to complete the national frozen food standards of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , November 19 to 21,Huizengyu,the vice-chairman of China Food Association Professional Committee of Frozen Food, conduct the frozen food industry research with team in Qingdao, main visited Qingdao Yilufa Group Co.,Department of Food Science-Shandong Ocean University and other units,inspect the Qingdao industrial production and scientific research of frozen food.
In Department of Food Science-China Ocean University, secretary Lin Hong introduces food scientific research project, national laboratory facilities, and the processing workshop of production experiments. China Ocean University is a key research institutions in the field of sea food in our country, study many national infrastructure projects, industry authority.Secretary Lin Hong insist that find a way of combining production, study and research, visit many processing enterprise of aquatic products with team on a regular basis, to understand and solve problems in production practice, put this to use, and formed a set of effective working method.
China Food Association Professional Committee of Frozen Food and Shandong Ocean University reach an agreement,and working together, promote combining production, study and research of the frozen food industry, promote the scientific and technological innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, etc.
Secretary Lin propose that reference to the division of university department is reasonable on the industy standard, divided into the following: grain and oil, fruits and vegetables,livestock and poultry and aquatic products. Communication and exchange of information by E-mail during the work, hold a meeting after concentrated opinion, in the process of setting standards,60-70% of the enterprise conform to the requirements of the standard, 20% of enterprises upgrade to reach standard through technological transformation, the remaining 10% of enterprise's elimination, ultimate goal is to lead the industry, rapid and sound development.And recommend the zhoushan fishery as the standard main drafting unit for aquatic class .
With the help of Du(association director of Qingdao city food industry), China Food Association Professional Committee visited the Qingdao Yilufa Group Co., Chairman Cao Shengzheng are introduced production situation, the company's new product research and development, and product exports are faced with the situation. Both parties focus on aquatic products quality safety in China, the product research and development, product export situation and other issues to discuss, to determine work standards, work together to carry out the frozen food industry to promote healthy development of the industry.

Source: China's frozen food industry net